Java Jive

a recording studio


Welcome to the web site for Java Jive, a spacious recording studio located on 10 secluded acres in Joelton, Tennessee, yet only 20 minutes from Nashville's Music Row.

Grab a cup of coffee, look around the site, get to know the place and see how we can help your next project be better than you thought it could be.


Welcome to Java Jive’s Web Site!

At Java Jive, we believe that great music comes not from recording studios or audio equipment, but from great musicians, singers and songwriters. But we’ve also found that if you expect to make a great recording, it’s much easier for all concerned if you start by providing those talented musicians and singers with a comfortable place to work – it also helps to have a variety of great sounding acoustic spaces, an expansive collection of classic audio gear and up-to-the-minute technology, plus knowledgeable people who understand both the equipment and the creative process,.

Java Jive provides all that - not only do we make an excellent cup of coffee, but we can provide the vibe, the room, the equipment and the know-how to take your project to the next level.